What are the Reasons to Consider Investing in commercial Real Estate Properties in Gurgaon?

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What are the Reasons to Consider Investing in commercial Real Estate Properties in Gurgaon?

Posted by bhagwati on August 5, 2023

Gurugram also known as Gurgaon comes under the state of Haryana and is part of Delhi NCR (national region capital) Gurugram is geographically located in the land of opportunities, especially for people looking to invest in real estate and rental. Multiple factors make Gurugram a hot destination for investors, You can read the article on this by clicking the link. Gurgaon is currently one of the fastest growing economies of India which will continue to grow and so is real estate valuation and rental for them, it has become the centre of attention, a hub for commercial real estate for MNCs and other corporate firms.

Real State In Gurgaon
  • Better Lifestyle:  Gurugram has booming economic growth as it fits a lot of criteria of human needs and keeps up with the pace of the city infrastructure with modern architects and planning has allowed town planning to create a state of the art of buildings- well-developed educational institutes, recreational residential amenities and healthcare facilities.
  • Growing need for Hospitality Sector- Gurugram is renowned for business and leisure activities for work travellers and visitors as it is geographically close to the international airport and Delhi the thriving need for more residential and commercial places along with the need for hospitality has grown at a higher pace for business travellers, tourists and corporate events. Creating needs and opportunities for investors in hotels, corporate offices, BnB, service apartments and banquet halls.

  • Favourable Government Policies: Any city that grows at such a pace needs a strong and stable foundation of government policies. The Haryana government has been pushing to ease their policy to attract foreign direct investment which boosts the confidence of international companies and investors to invest in commercial real estate properties in Gurugram and thrive on opportunities.
  • Substantial growth of IT industry and businesses: Today’s world heavily depends on the IT industry it has become the centre of all business operations and a hub of data. India has become a global centre of IT sector demand due to various favourable factors and Gurugram has become the centre of India among other few cities like Bangalore. Gurugram provides all modern human facilities and luxury lifestyles at affordable prices and connectivity to the capital state of India. In total, it creates demand for corporate offices and commercial real estate property in gurgaon which further creates demand for human other needs beyond jobs which also creates potential for high rental.
Residential Properties in Gurgaon
  • Clever Location: Gurugram’s geographical location fits perfectly in the centre of the capital state of India- Delhi, International airport is equally closer to Gurugram as it is to Delhi residents like Vasant Kunj which is 20 minutes away. Yet the economic need for capital is growing at a higher pace and so is the industrial requirement similar for MNCs the high demand for capital and being overly populated results in being overly polluted, equally suffocated and expensive as it has high demand which is a nightmare for capital this has made Gurugram city of opportunities with modern infrastructure, spacious homes, corporate offices and other commercial places growth at lower cost and close to the capital. For investors, it is a perfect strategy to get high returns on their investments.
  • Corporate Demands: From the current standpoint Gurugram has built its reputation as a prestigious city to have an office. Further from previous points, we can understand that Gurugram is the next best possible option for MNCs, IT industries, industrialists and Delhiites to set up their offices in the city for better lifestyle and infrastructure and amenities. Yet these factors further contribute to adding other sectors as well as different sets of industries as all industries are interlinked with each other. Some shift their home branch to Gurugram some open their office branch for their employees in Gurugram. For investors, it is an opportunity to invest in commercial properties and get a high return on their investments as there is high demand and a gap in supply which they can potentially fulfil and get rental from it.
  • Widespread options needed in Commercial properties: Human needs are diverse and so is a requirement of the commercial estate as they are directly proportionate and with more population demand for commercial in different industries becomes almost endless. The need for retail shops of different brands, showrooms, hospitality sector, fitness facilities and so on. This means land of opportunity and options of properties for investors to generate rental income from different industries from residential real estate property in gurugram.
  • Growing Potential of Retail Sector: The retail sector is heavily widespread in different industries like clothes, electronics, and food and so is human needs and desire. Positioning different brands at different locations with high human density per km in Gurugram. Human demand is increasing and so are human spending habits for their wants which makes retail counter highly successful. Gurugram with full of career opportunities and the city’s economic growth as a rich crowd of Delhi, FDIs and MNCs with high package employees are allocated in the city creating a high per capita income population. For retail counters to pay their rental, they need to generate high profits. Therefore, investors can easily generate strong rentals on commercial properties as the per capita economy is very strong
Floor Properties in Gurgaon

In Conclusion

An Investor looking into investing in Real estate to yield high rental income must understand the real estate market in depth as big money and high risks are involved. Real estate are a hard asset that takes time to sell and not having due diligence can make investor make wrong choices and sometimes not able to liquidate for a very long time.

At this point, Gurgaon has closely escaped that loop if invested correctly as it is land of opportunity in all sections of property be it commercial residential or industrial real state property. Gurugram currently ticks all the boxes for investors as it has a strategic location, flourishing business ecosystem, growing infrastructure, and favourable government policies. The city’s diverse commercial options, potential for capital appreciation, high rental yields, and the thriving hospitality sector. Complete package to human needs and wants to enhance their lifestyle at an affordable price from a city like Delhi.

An Expert in the field with experience and depth of market knowledge can guide investors and help them plan, assess and invest to find a property that is tailored to their objectives.

At Bhagwati, our foundation is in building trust transparency and reliability to create long-term relations with our clients.

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