Flooring Trends and Design Elements in Senior Living Communities

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Flooring Trends and Design Elements in Senior Living Communities

Posted by bhagwati on August 16, 2023

In recent years Gurugram with a few other cities in India has become the centre of attention for residents and investors, and so has the desire for luxury Floor Properties in Gurgaon for residential for modern infrastructure.

Furthermore, there is a substantially increasing in the spending habits of consumers making it a potential reason for the growth of other sectors of other industries. These factors all together contribute to real estate market growth.

In different eras, there have been trends in different interior design. In todays time it is the era of

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  • Minimalism- the sense of simplicity and tranquillity is the preference of today’s consumer. The clean design and natural colour combinations with aesthetic features.
  • Combination of traditional and urban designs- consumers who invest their life-saving in the interior of their homes like to bring their culture to their house and put small items that share positive energy, culture and ethnicity. Yet balancing through inculpating that with the latest interior designs representing modern interior trends.
  • Inculpating Nature- the concept of more natural lighting and greenery in apartments to bring peaceful, relaxing and positive energy while at the same time giving house aesthetic design.
  • Multi-utility spaces- Consumers prefer to use every square foot of the house very wisely and make use of home space highly effective like the guest room is used for a gym office or family room to meet the demand and increase cost efficiency per square foot.
  • Luxury Amenities- With the growing income and spending habits of consumers there need for bigger houses with more facilities and gated housing communities is increasing rapidly. Developers also recognise the trend for amenities and growing demand, making them attainable at more effective pricing to sell their units. A clubhouse with a swimming pool, restaurant, library, gymnasium, lush greenery lawns and many more.
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  • Spacious sizing- Considering government norms and civil requirements of layout for strengthening the building it is tough for developers to satisfy the need of consumers for spacious and more natural lighting in the home yet considering the demand of consumers, developers hire the best architects to create a smart floor plan to create spacious living spaces without compromising on any components of interior design and practical utility of the home. The pillars and lanterns are situated in a way that they naturally integrate into the wall without taking any extra space in the residential.
  • Sustainability- Consumer demands designs that are eco-friendly material, energy-efficient appliances more natural lighting in the house, more green spaces and rooftop with affluent designs and garden space to reduce human footprint and increase lifestyle benefits.
  • Technology advanced housing equipment- With the enhancement in technology, competitiveness among developers and more options for consumer technology smart lighting and voice operating systems with auto-cut smart technology for energy consumptions has become a mean to attract customers within the same or some extra cost customer can get technology benefits in their residence. Gradually these automations are becoming defining factors of luxury.
  • Personal Touch- Every consumer investing in residential property likes to put their creativity to work to achieve their subjective taste for their home, from the very details of lights position to showpiece to furniture to kitchen wardrobes and more


Every consumer is different and trends evolve at a very higher pace as of 2023-  factors like smart homes, eco-friendly interior design to open spaces and more lighting with a touch of culture, modern and individual taste in sustainable energy methods is the trend of today about Floor Properties in Gurgaon with time the younger generation has a preference for more technology and futuristic designs over culture and sustainability. The definition of modern- updates its design trends every day but what appeals to the masses is what becomes the trend at points Some of the latest designs stand out to attract the newer generation looking to design their home. Trend evolves every 2 to 3 years as what looked appealing once turns into a common design that everyone has used to design their residence. Therefore, losing its charm and making space for new trends to set in.

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