A factor contributing to the position of Gurugram in top-tier cities of India

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A factor contributing to the position of Gurugram in top-tier cities of India

Posted by bhagwati on July 18, 2023

Gurgaon or Gurugram is one of the leading real estate economic cities of India it is growing at a pace of giving 200% return on investments as per the economic report of 2009-2019 from the price of a plot in posh localities like DLF Phase 1 with 200% increase on per sq. ft price.

Factors contributing to Gurugram’s real estate boom are:

  1. Connectivity from Delhi: Delhi’s overly congested population seeking for peaceful environment who are comfortable traveling 30 minutes to work regularly or looking for more affordable and more spacious homes, People Delhi based having jobs in Gurgaon in different fields like IT or industrial designated jobs and government policies to move out industrial production from Delhi to reduce pollution emissions has turned in Gurgaon’s opportunity.
  2. Attracting the posh Society of Delhi: Geographical factors of Delhi, including South Delhi, are nearest to Dlf phase 1 in NCR connectivity. South Delhi was one of the newest allocations of Delhi after East Delhi West Delhi and North Delhi which had further resulted in spreading richer communities to occupy south Delhi from other sections of Delhi for the same reason to build a bigger house at a lesser price. Over the period the same reason of bigger space at a lesser price with a lively lifestyle and less congestion has benefited Gurgaon and also resulted in attracting a richer community of delhi to contribute to Gurgaon’s economic growth.
  3. Infrastructure Advancements: It is one of the latest cities in India using the latest technology for its development and better town planning tools as per the needs of the future. This has allowed private builders and colonisers to bring attractive amenities to their township for their consumers as better planning results in more effective growth and reduces dynamic factors of changes in planning and profitability aspects to build the other.
  4. Growth in the Indian economy: The Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace so are consumer spending habits in the desire for modern housing This has contributed to work as a pillar in builder confidence to bring modern infrastructure in their projects. Making amenities and infrastructure their unique selling point.
  5. Industrial policy of Delhi: As manufacturing industries move out of delhi to other states which are more towards Haryana like Rohtak, Pataudi, and Manesar. Haryana government attracted manufacturing industries from attractive industrial schemes but these cities are backwards in infrastructure and connectivity, Gurugram sits in the sweet spot to provide good living standards and easy travel to other Haryana cities and also near to delhi airport and central government, right in the middle of the requirement of delights requirement.
  6. MNCs: A lot of multinational firms require strong infrastructure in residential properties and strong commercial provision for its employee ease and geographically close to the central government at effective leasing price and fulfilment of space required. Gurugram has been able to tick all the boxes.
  7. Bombay expressway: Starting from Rajiv Chowk in Gurgaon and direct connectivity to Bombay has directly impacted of growth in warehousing needs in Gurgaon and made Gurugram as an increase in land requirement storage facility, further connectivity to delhi of expressway has resulted in warehousing interests for industries requirement. Reduced travelling time directly affects industries’ performance and their potential to grow as travelling reduces to half from Deli to Bombay.
  8. Migration from other cities: For better job opportunities and lifestyle people from all around India are migrating yearly. People from smaller regions of Haryana looking for more business opportunities and better livelihood and infrastructure.

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